Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Prototype #2 Build #57 (2.57)

Most of the items ont the "to do" list are complete with the exception of adding asteroids to fill in "void" spaces.  The addition of the asteroids around the waypoints present a signifcant change; therefore, I am including a link to a new prototype.  There are actually six programs.  Four are Windows based, and two are for the Mac.  The Window programs are divided into 32 and 64 bit programs. 

In order to run the program, the user needs to load the database.  This program starts with prototypev2b57DatabaseLoad.  It just loads the database.  The other file, which starts with prototypev2b57Gameplay, runs the actual game.  I would love some feedback on the placement of asteroids.  I just want to know if having the larger asteroids make the game easier to visualize.

Here's the link to the new build:

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