Saturday, October 6, 2012

Caprican Tanker Station

I created a station for the first tutorial.  It's a relatively small station, dimensionally slightly larger than the Battlestar Galactica, that orbits a small dwarf planet in the Caprican home system.  It oversees the mining of tylium and other resources in the area. 

The first tutorial is set onboard the Battlestar Triton.  The training group is attached to the command.  The Triton is conducting a routine patrol of the new mining facility.  The Triton is using its own air group to conduct patrols while the training conducts independent missions to train new pilots.  While this data is pretty irrelavent in the first tutorial, it will (probably) come into play in later tutorials.

Here's some pics of the new station:

Like the previous models, it is untextured at this point.  I really do need to get a texturing program in the near future. 

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