Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Database Update and Tutorial #2

I had an issue with the database.  Due to the structure of the various trigger tables, the database did not convert over to user-friendly format easily.  I took a couple of days to review the needs of the system, and after 500 lines of code, I have the basic layout for system.  Currently, it only displays the data; however, it should have full functionality within the next couple of days.  It’ll probably only take another 500 lines.  I’ve come up with a solution to problem that will allow for future additions, like the addition of capital ships. 

As soon as the database is up and running, I plan on populating the first tutorial mission with more asteroids and making it more player-friendly.  In addition, I will complete the second and will use the second tutorial mission as a testing mechanism for the new database manager. 

The second tutorial mission will cover landing the fighter.  Here’s the plan for the basic flow for the second tutorial:

Start at optimal landing position for the destroyer
Instructor states the importance of rolling a fighter in landing.
Instructor orders the player to roll left.
Instructor orders the player to roll right.
Instructor orders the player to match the destroyer’s roll angle.
Instructor orders the player to aim the fighter towards the destroyer’s landing bay.
Instructor orders the player to lower the landing gears.
Instructor orders the player to increase the throttle.
After entering the landing bay, the instructor orders the player to cut throttle.
After getting within 50’ of the landing bay center, the instructor orders the player to hit the brakes.
End of tutorial.

This is a short and simple tutorial.  My plan is to have tutorial #3 incorporate the concepts in tutorial #1 and tutorial #2 as a “test.”  In essence, tutorial #3 becomes the “finals” for basic flight.  Once the player “passes” basic flight, they move on to the combat tutorials. 

With the basic flight tutorials out of the way, I plan on completing the priorities I outlined in a previous blog.


  1. Almost 1000 lines; however, the database is now functional...

    Now... I need to flesh out tutorial #1 and use the database to create tutorial #2...

    We'll see how that goes...

  2. I created approximately 100 asteroids for the first and second tutorial. It didn't take too long. The asteroid count is a little high in my opinion; however, I'll rectify that in future iterations.

    In addition, I have built the audio files for tutorial #2 (and fixed the audio flow for tutorial #1, I accidently deleted a key trigger in that tutorial). I'm in the process of creating triggers for the second tutorial.