Monday, October 15, 2012

Battlestar Database Management System

I am currently developing a tool to quickly enter game data into the game database.  It is in a Saiqodb format.  I figured out how to get the format to play nicely with Microsoft C#.  Currently, I can use the program to create or edit bullets, missiles, countermeasures, fighters and generic objects. 

These are the bulk of the program; however, I still need to develop a method to enter triggers into the database.  Triggers actually emcompass a variety of types.  The main categories for this program will revolve around trigger types: audio, object (generic), fighter and trigger loaders.

Audio triggers should not be difficult to implement.  Each of the audio trigger fields can be entered manually; there are no reference fields that could affect data entry.  This makes this feature pretty straightforward.

Object triggers are more problematic.  To simply the process, at least at this point of the development cycle, I will be using a one to one relationship between generic objects and object triggers.  This will ballon the database size and will create some performance issues.  However, I'll clean these issues in the next prototype.  This feature will allow the user to select a game object already in the database.  The user can create or edit the trigger associated with the object.

Fighter triggers will operate like object triggers.  They will follow a one to one relationship with the same options as generic objects.

Trigger loads should be straightforward.  It should follow the general format for audio triggers; however, I might have to add a "check" routine to make sure the trigger called already exists in the database. 

When this tool is done, it will help develop mission scenarios faster...

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