Friday, November 1, 2013


No, I haven't finished the scropion.  I'm getting closer though.  I'll probably be offline for a couple of days; so, I figured I would make one post before then.  I finished most of the model.  I still have to do the gun mounts on the bottom of plane, and I want to setup the model properly.  Currently, the wings are a single mesh.  I want to divide them into a left and right mesh.  That way, I can display wing damage as it occurs. 

Here's a quick picture of the new Scorpion model:

The engines are a different color because I haven't made a final decision on how I want to combine these parts.  I might keep each part separate; I might combine the engines into a single mesh.  I'm just not sure how I want to do that part quite yet.  In other words, anything that doesn't look grey is something that I haven't made a decision on.

I placed my model, the one closest in the picture next to a high resolution model made by Smallworld.  I didn't add any textures to these models.  So far, I think my version is looking acceptable.  Currently, it has fewer than 4,000 vertices.  My budget is 5,000 or so.  I can go over, espeically if you take into account some of the less visible features like the landing gears... 


  1. I got all the pieces for the base model. I still need to work on the details; I want to split the wing mesh into a left and right mesh. Also, I need to create the landing gear. I still have to create "damaged" parts for the fighter.

    Despite this, I do have a model that could be relatively functional, outside of landing. It might take me a day or two to figure out some of these details.

  2. Done... Well... I got the model to look right and decided on the general structure. I still have to divide the mesh up to facilitate visualizing damage.