Thursday, October 31, 2013


Well, part one is to build a Scorpion class fighter model for the game.  I've built a number of models for past prototypes.  For this particular iteration, I will be changing some fundamental concepts. 

First, I will be building two models, at least, for each ship.  One model will be a player model and will contain a cockpit.  The second model will be a non-player ship and will not come with a fleshed out cockpit.  The goal is save some vertexes, or calculation power. 

Second, I will not be doing unimesh models.  Each ship or fighter will come in fragments that are tied together.  This will allow me to hide part of a model and replace it with another component.  This will come in useful when trying to display battle damage.  For example, one of the engines on a viper might take significant damage.  I want to be able to replace the fully functional engine with an engine that looks like it has taken a beating. 

Third, I will take a similar approach with colliders; however, the main collider will be a unimesh.  I will design the models in a manner that I can place a smaller collider just outside the main collider.  When I get a detection on one of these specialized colliders, I can write code to "damage" specific components.

So, that's about it on models.  I just need to keep these points in mind as I develop, or more accurately redevelop, the Scorpion.  I'm about a quarter way done with it right now.  We'll see how it goes.  Model building will be the slowest part of development in my opinion.  I'm getting better at it, but I still need more experience with it.

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