Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Scorpion Class Fighter

I'm going to be extremely busy for, at least, the next week.  I probably won't be able to post for awhile.  I'll probably get to work some on the project, but that time will be limited.  At this point, I got a functional, well hopefully, flight control script.  There really isn't any great way of testing it at this point.  I need a couple of things to start testing.

First, I need to import the "official" Scorpion fighter.  I got the mesh done.  I still need to create a collider system for it, and I need to create "damaged" parts for the model.  These are the pics of finalized Scorpion:

I still haven't textured this model.  I do plan on getting a decent texturing program this month.  Once I get this model fully imported, I still need to work on a couple of scripts.

I will need a PlayerControl script.  This script will allow me to input movement commands and test FlightControl.  After PlayerControl, I will work on the FireControl and DamageControl scripts.  HUDControl will be the final script developed for the game object.  I might have to develop a level wide FactionManager to make HUDControl functional though. 

So, this week will involve prepping the Scropion to be imported in Unity3D and developing a good flow for the PlayerControl script. 

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