Thursday, April 26, 2012

Prototype 2.0

I developed a "scene" similar to the tutorial #3 from the first prototype.  I'm posting it here for how the viper handles feedback.

Here are the controls:

W and space - Accelerates and decelerates the ship
A and D - Rolls the ship
Q and E - Apply side thrusters
S and X - Apply up/down thrusters
Mouse Move - Turns the ship
Left Mouse Button - Fires primary (bullet) weapons
Right Mouse Button - Fires secondary (bullets) weapons
R - Releases countermeasure
V and B - Zooms and unzooms the dradis picture

I plan on making some changes to the flying behavior.  In the next build, the ship will have a permanent forward thrust, and the user will control the thrust setting.  The ` and 1 - 0 keys will immediately apply 0 to 100% thrust for the ship's model (viper mk1 will have a max thrust of 15 while the mk2 will have a max thrust of 30).  The fuel consumption rate will depend on the how much thrust is applied at any given time.  In addition, the W key will increse thrust by 1% per frame, and the X key will decrease thrust by 1%.  The S key will set the thrust to 0% (like the ` key).  I will take out the side and up/down thrusters in the next build for fighter craft; however, the stuff will remain coded into the system.  Raptor and Raptor-like vehicles will be able to utilize these features.

When I get the next build done, I will post here in my blog.  Hopefully, someone will give good feedback between the two builds.

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