Sunday, April 22, 2012

The HUD Update

I completed most of the HUDControl script.  It now displays a dradis (radar picture), a scope (tells you if a target is directly ahead of you), two status pages (detailing combat and navigation stats), a custom mouse pointer and two targeting graphics to detail whether a target is in the process of being acquired or completely locked onto.  There two things that need to be added to the scripts: a time to acquire timer for targets under acquisition and a "where the bullet is going" reticle. 

This is a pretty complex script utilizing the flight control (for that navigation data), fire control (for combat data and targeting data), dradis control (for positioning and a list of game "engageable" objects) and faction control (to make sure you don't lock onto a friendly target).  In addition, I created two game objects (Lock Reticle and Target Reticle) with an associated script for each object to display whether a target being acquired or completely acquired by the targeting computer. 

After I create the last two features, I will be ready to move onto another script.  I do have an idea on how to implement the timer; however, I'm not sure how I want to implement the bullet reticle.  The timer could be completed two ways.  First, I could just add a text box object to the target box and update the timer in the box.  Second, I coud just change the mouse pointer into the timer.  I'm not sure which way to go; I'll have to think about it.  The bullet reticle is another story.  I'll have to think of ways to implement it...

Here are some screen shots:

No Target (just the mouse pointer)

Acquiring Target (and the float reticle)

Target Locked...

I do plan on improving the graphics; however, these procedures should work for the game.  


  1. Like it! Would love to be seeing links to github tagged selections of code and resources along with all this good screen shot stuff

    1. There were so many moving parts with this set of stuff. Please keep in mind that I'm new to the blogging thing... It was just too much code. I'll probably be stuck with homework today; so, I'll upload another part of my code (probably fighter data) and go over it the basics some more...