Friday, April 4, 2014

Starting to Finalize the Starting Colonial Battlestars

I converted my Berzerk Class Battlestar into a mesh that will be usable with the new prototype.  I didn't have to change any major features.  I just broke the model back down to its basic components and recombined the components into something more game development friendly.  Here are the pictures of the new

I also used a size comparison picture:

Compared to the Hercules, the Berzerk seems very "light".  Consequently, I will use displacement to classify battlestars.  In this case, the Berzerk and
the Hercules are both cruisers. 

In addition, I started on the Defender class destroyer.  It's a much smaller ship and has been seen in the Battlestar universe.  It's a fan made creation that made it into the series, and it does have some minor issues.  For its size, the landing bay is too small to be practical.  You can't land a Viper or Scorpion in the landing bay safely.  It has no launch tubes, and this makes deploying fighters highly problematic.

On the upside, its weapon coverage in the forward firing arc is very impressive.  To me, its a destroyer and recon ship.  By enlarging the landing bay, it can deploy a single, or maybe two, fighters to scout an area.  The fighters would have to make a "ground" takeoff, but that is just a tradeoff for making a smaller ship. 

The ship is still in the preliminary stages; however, here are some pics of the development:

So, I think I will concentrate on having the:

Columbia (basic Galatica body)
Berzerk (Cruiser)
Hercules (Cruiser)
Defender (Destroyer)

Along with the:

Orion (Destroyer - from Blood and Chrome)
Pericles (Destroyer - yet to be developed destroyer from me)

These are ships that will figure predominantly in the game's early war fighting efforts.  I'll leave other ships like the Valkyrie Type Battlestar for later portions of the war. 

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