Sunday, September 30, 2012

Prototype 2.5

I got the basic trigger manager to function properly.  The trigger manager can play audio files, instantiate generic objects (like asteroids), instantiate waypoints and instantiate the player's fighter.  It still needs a method to load triggers after the scene starts and to instantiate fighters and capital ships.  Capital ships are not complete; consequently, the instantiation of capital ships will delayed indefinitely. 

The next feature for the trigger manager will be allow a trigger to load another trigger.  After that, the instantiation of fighter craft is next. 

The current player fighter in tutorial #1 is now a Scorpion fighter.  It is slower and less manueverable than the Viper.  I updated the new fighter with parameters for the Scorpion.  I would like to get some feedback for the fighter.  I am mainly curious if it turns too fast or turns way too slow...

Here's the link to the public builds folder:

The latest build is prototype 2.5.  I only have one audio file up and running for the mission.  This is mostly due time and the fact that I can't load a trigger after a trigger. 

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