Friday, September 28, 2012

New Cruiser Design

I attempted to create a video detailing the process for creating a low polygon model.  The design process was to cover a real basic overview for beginners; however, I did run into some issues with video.  First, it ended up being 83.3 GB in size (between all the segments).  Second, some of the segments that I recorded did not turn out well.  I can play the clips in media player, but I cannot use them within my video editing software.  I'll have to look into fixing the issue. 

For the process, I created a new cruiser for the game.  It's 868 meters long and is primarily meant to be a smaller version of  a Battlestar (1200 - 1400 meters - depending on source).  In a way, it's a step in the evolution from the smaller destroyers to larger battlestars depicted in the series.  Writing this blog, I realized that forgot the add the launch tubes.  I guess I'll go back later to fix that issue.  I've included some pictures of the untextured product.


I included the Trident class destroyer as a reference point.  These pictures are from Unity.  Like the trident, I created the base model in 3DMax.  I added the turrets after importing the mesh into Unity.   The landing bays can retract and extend and needed to be separated from the main body.  The first two pictures depict the cruiser with retracted landing bays.  The last picture depicts extended landing bays. 

So, does look enough like a battlestar?

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