Sunday, June 3, 2012

Update (Late I guess)

School has been hectic lately; so, I haven't been posting here much.  I ave not worked on the project for at least a wek either.  However, I did take time to do some work on the project before finals week (military campus semester). 

I found a couple of issues that set me back somewhat.  First, the turret control system was not functioning with my parameters.  I went back into the class and reworked it.  Basically, the turret control system is a cross between the flight control and the HUD's camera control systems.  It does not utilize a smooth move concept used in the flight control due to the limited update functions in the module. 

Here is the class:

I added sections to make the class functional without an actual load routine system.  The Start() and FixedUpdate() routines have extra statements inserted to make the module functional.  The turrets with this script (along with the PlayerData and VehicleData classes) rotate in a circle.  I've also tested the elevation commands for the turret, and they are functional. 

With this module in place, I can now create the load routines.  I've decided to change the loading routine process (as per my previous posts).  Each turret will only need a fire zone loaded into each turret.  Cutout zones will be simulated by a different method than I originally designed in my last post.

Before firing the guns, the fire control routine will do a line of sight check.  If the ray generated by this process "hits" a friendly target, then the weapon will not fire.  This routine will be inserted into the fire control class. 

I may have to change the setup fo each gun enabled ship in the game.  Each bullet spawn point will need to changed into a camera (cameras easier to implement a draw ray function).  If a ray intersects with a friendly target from these cameras; the weapon won't fire. 

Also, I will need to address the ability to target turrets (and in the future, missile launchers) via a missile lock.  I'm still considering the best way of addressing this issue.

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