Sunday, January 20, 2013

Battlestars, Database and New Models

I got the basic template for battlestars incorporated into the database manager.  Currently, the feature is extremely limited in the manager.  The current feature includes a methology to save the battlestar's player data, vehicle data and turret data.  It does not include any methodology to save artificial intelligence parameters at this time.  In addition, there is no feature to actually place a battlestar into the actual trigger manager section.  However, this is a relatively significant step in the overall process.  The current features will allow me to quickly build the basic battlestar data and, more importantly, turret data. 

The current goal is to build some battlestars and basestars for the game.  I will be working on creating the basic parameters for two Colonial destroyers (the Aries and Hercules as shown in a previous post), a Colonial cruiser (the Venus, a Berzerk type, shown later in this post), a Cylon destroyer (shown later in this post) and a Cylon cruiser (shown in a previous post).  Once each of these templates are done, I will test the previously created routines.  Once these routines work as intended, I will create the artifical intelligence routine to control each battlestar. 

Here are some pictures of the a new battlestar and basestar.  The battlestar is actually based on a ship, the Battlestar Berzerk, shown during the Battlestar Galactica movie, Razor.  I have designated this vessel as Venus class cruiser originally built by the Leonis colony. 

Here are the pics of the game model:

Here is a picture of the actual movie model (actually the development sheet used for the movie):

The Cylon cruiser was created and used in a previous prototype; however, I never posted it in my blog.  It has also gone through some changes from it's initial presentation.  I made the missile turrets smaller and less pronounced in this iteration.  These pictures do not include the turrets. 

Here are the pictures for the Cylon cruiser:

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