Friday, July 6, 2012

Fighter AI Demo

This is a demo of the fighter AI in the Battlestar game.  It's a barebone AI, and I do plan on adding features to it in the future.  However, it should be sufficient for determining the needs for the upcoming event manager routines. 

I used Screenr, and it's not the best quality.  The video is choppier than the actual gameplay.  The basic mission parameters (not that this is an actual mission) is two Viper mk2 fighters against three Cylon mk2 Raiders.  These are relatively late game fighters and are much more responsive and agile than the early fighters (such as the Scorpion fighters that the player starts with). 


Overall, the game is progressing as expected despite a full class load.  The current plan is to finish the landing and escape routines for the fighter AI (these aren't in the demo).  After that, I will create a sound manager, a waypoint system and create the first tutorial mission in conjunction with creating the first event manager (and fleshing out the resource manager concurrently). 


  1. Enemy fighters now fire missiles...

  2. Did I mention the fighters fire missiles... They fire too many missiles; well, a mission target will take care of that...

    Landing and escape routines are done. I guess I'll start on a sound manager next. It'll be a simple, bare-bones sound manager. It will be just enough to warrant the creation of an event manager...

  3. The sound manager is done. It works very surprisingly well. It's working better than anticipated; I might not have to add too many more bones to it. It's time for a break though. Next up is some type of waypoint manager. It'll be essential to making missions work (from the first tutorial to the final mission - if there's a final mission). I'll map out my approach in a future blog...