Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Prototype 2.1 Feedback

Based off of suggestions from various (meaning two people) on the input controls, I am going to try the following setup:

<w/s> or <mouse scroll> - increase / decrease thrust
<a/d> - roll the ship
<space> - inertial thrusters
<ctrl> + <w/a/s/d> - applies directional thrusters (disabled on Vipers; available on Raptors)
<mouse button #1> or <f>  - guns
<mouse button #2> or <g> - missiles
<v> - countermeasures
<mouse position> - turn

In addition, I will be putting an alternate setup into the game.  While current model does not support this feature (it's just no built right), I do plan on developing the preliminary routines to make it work.  Basically, the user can toggle this mode on and off by pressing the shift key (just once to toggle - not the constant press).

<mouse position> - turns the camera
<w/a/s/d> - turns the ship
<e/q> - roll the ship
<mouse scroll> or <r/t> - increases / decreases thrust
<ctrl> + <w/a/s/d> - applies directional thrusters (disabled on Vipers; available on Raptors)
<button #1> or <f> - guns
<button #2> or <g> - missiles
<v> - countermeasures

In this setup, the current HUD setup will become unavailable.  The goal is to eventually put some type of "real world" instrumentation in the cockpit and let the player to look out the side windows while maintaining control of the fighter.

It was suggested that the game be completely playable from the keyboard, and I do agree with this principle for the most part.  I'm just having a problem visualizing the method without making the game too complicated for the average user.  However, I will be adding (sometime in the future) a customization feature for players to keymap their own preference.

First step is first though.  I want to get the first setup working and functional.  I got the mouse scroll to act as a thruster control.  There is an issue of implementing the <ctrl> feature with Unity; however, I will just have to figure it out.  I do have to add a visual representation of the thruster to the HUD.  After that, I need to develop the toggle feature and implement across the flight control and HUD control scripts (which shouldn't be too hard), but I was thinking that in regards to the <ctrl> feature...  Finally, I need to implement the alternative control features.  The camera movement might present a problem; however, the other features are just an alternate keymap.  Creating an alternate key map might be a pain though...

After all that, I'll start on the custom keymap feature.  That'll probably follow other features though.  You know, the important ones like functonal NPC fighters shooting at you...

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